FIEro Interiors

Custom Products Designed for the Pontiac Fiero                                                                                     

List of the products we currently produce

Just Click on the product your interested in for additional information and pictures

All of the products I produce are made to order and custom made especially for you, so allow 3-4 weeks to ship

If you have an idea of additional products, please contact us and we'll see what we can do to produce it

All of the products shown here are available for purchase with pricing for most on the the pages

Most can be purchased directly at the on-line store 

I had the opportunity to purchase some of the material I use for a discounted price, so I'm passing those savings on, and lowered the price on some products, for the seat covers ( from $289 to $229), Interior upgrade Kit ( from $259 to $199 ) and a few other products. They are available for purchase at the on-line store

Click here for the on-line store

Spare Tire Covers 

3D Printed Shifter Surround and Aux Gauge Pod  NEW

Seat Covers  New Pictures Added and Now Available in FIVE Different Styles

Recovered Steering Wheel in New Leather 

Custom Covered Armrests in Leather 

Interior Kit Upgrade 

Armrest Covers - Custom

Trunk Covers - Upper

Trunk Covers - Lower

Front Area covers

Shifter Boots and E-Brake Boots

Sunshades - Standard and T-Top

Storage Bags - Vista Glass, T-Top Glass, Sunshade and T-Top Sunshade

Custom Covers for the Instrument Panel, Gauge Pod, HVAC, Shifter Surround, Rear Console and Rear Shelf

Sunvisors - with and without pockets

Headliner Kits

Door Panel Covers - Custom

Mirror Covers

Custom Lower Console Covers 

Rear Console Saddle