FIEro Interiors

Custom Products Designed for the Pontiac Fiero                                                                                     

​Bag for Sunshade

Bags for TTop Glass.

We produce storage bags for the standard sunshade, the T-Top sunshades, The standard Vista glass and the T-Top glass.

They are made of a high quality vinyl with a protective fuzz-like lining to protect the sunshades and/or glass. Actual storage bag material may vary from the pictures.

The cost for TTop Glass Storage Bag is $95 ( sold in pairs, one for each glass

​The cost for the TTop Sunshade Storage Bag is $79.

The cost for the Stock Sunshade Bag is $79

All prices are plus shipping. These can be ordered directly from the on-line store at RW Upholstery. The link is located on the Products Page