Desert Sand.

Black Cloth

Black Carbon Fibre Look.


Tan Suede Padded Headliner

Colors may not be exactly as shown as they vary by lot and are for general reference

Silver Carbon Fibre Look.

Black Suede Padded Headliner

FIEro Interiors

Graphite Suede Padded Headliner

Blue Cloth.

Gray Suede Padded Headliner

Custom Products Designed for the Pontiac Fiero                                                                                     


This is just a sample of the colors available. If you don't see what you want your interested in, just let me know.

Red Cloth

Grey Cloth.

Padded materials used for Headliners, Sunshades and Sunvisors

Also available is Black and the stock four colors of Lt. Gray, Dark Gray, Tan and Beechwood


Tan Cloth.

Med. Gray.


Lt. Gray