FIEro Interiors

Custom Products Designed for the Pontiac Fiero                                                                                     

I've created an Exterior Kit of the most popular products to purchase as a combination to save dollars.They consist of the front area cover, ( this covers the area over the spare tire ), the Upper Rear Trunk Cover and the Mirror Covers. 

The front cover will have the raised " Pegasus " and the Rear Trunk cover will have the raised lettering of " FIERO " for the Notchie and "FIERO GT " for the fastback. Additional information on each product is available on pages Front Area Cover, Trunk Covers and Mirror Covers

The suggested retail price for the three items sold separately is $302 plus shipping, sold as a kit the price is $250 plus shipping.

‚ÄčThe Carbon Fiber Vinyl is available at an additional cost.